Corporate Gifting As A Part Of Marketing Strategy

corporate gift ideas for clients/employees

Why Corporate Gifting Needs To Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t love gifts? Right from our childhood, gifts bring us immense joy. As we grow older, the equation changes and we not only receive gifts, but spread joy and love in others by showering them with gifts and surprises.

Why then should it be any different in a corporate setting? The receiver feels valued, seen and it fosters a good relation with the giver. When used strategically as a part of your overall marketing effort, corporate gifting can prove to be extremely beneficial in terms of ROI, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.

Corporate gifting is picking up immensely and it is the practice of organisations giving gifts to their employees, clients, and other business connections as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation. 

The most common choices when it comes to corporate gifts are usually calendars, water bottles, small gadgets, gift cards etc. Isnt it time to move on from run of the mill choices, things we can pick off the aisle of supermarkets and gift something that is unique and personalised?

Why Corporate Gifting Is The Right Choice For You This Festive Season?


Stand out from competitors

Personalised gifts helps  you stay on top of your clients’ mind. When it comes to your employees, nothing like a gift to keep them happier. The more joy your recipients derive from the gifts you give, the more you will be remembered. People remember the way you make them feel, they do business with you because of how you treat them too. The better you make them feel, the more repeat business they would want to do with you.

Makes the receiver feel important

Providing branded gifts to clients, vendors, and employees just goes on to show them that you respect their time and energy spent for you and that you want to appreciate them by giving them happiness and joy. When organisations put thought into their gifting processes, the business associates who receive it are overjoyed and it renews their commitment to you in a way.

Expresses gratitude to customers

Gifting is an age-old tradition in many cultures to express gratitude, to show emotions and to renew old relations.  Even though it is not absolutely necessary to give them gifts, they will value your gesture and your association.

Boost sales

Corporate gifting has long been shown to directly impact business relationships, whether it is business to employee or between the business and its customers/vendors. Recipients of your gifts feel overjoyed when they notice the effort and thought that goes into the gifts they receive and they look for ways to pay it forward to you. A business transaction, in other words, sale, is what ensues!

Boost morale

It goes without saying that corporate gifting boosts the general morale of the employees. It spreads positive vibes among the staff, which in turn reflects in the way they deal with your customers. Remember, happy employees mean happy clients!

Brand exposure

Even though this may not be the direct impact you are looking to create, corporate gifting usually leads to conversations at home, in social circles and other places where your customers/vendors/employees hang out. We saw this in the case of Microsoft, where the employees could not stop raving about the coming back to office gifts they received. There was so much buzz on all the social media platforms that we cannot stop talking about it! 

Everything said and done, when it comes to corporate gifting during the festive seasons, all that is required is for you to be thoughtful. Foster relationships, increase productivity in your organisation, and spread joy and cheer on all possible occasions. It goes to show that you really care about their happiness.